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I’m going to try to keep the freebie train rolling for a while, and today I’m bringing you Forbidden Duties, an older taboo tale about how to keep your position as secretary, when your stepfather is your boss. I won’t give away too much, but there are certainly positions involved!

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And if hot-to-trot stepdaughters aren’t your thing, then keep an eye on this space next week, when a young pirate queen takes on all the navy soldiers she can handle to win her freedom!

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Working for her stepfather used to mean picking up her room. Now he signs her paycheck. Elise thought working for James was just going to be a way to make a little money, but it turns out he expects a lot more from his secretaries than speedy typing. Forbidden or not, she’s determined to meet every one of his taboo demands.

When he turned, his suit pants bulged provocatively. Wow. He looked huge. Guess it’s true what they say about tall men. I’d been so focused that I jumped when his hand touched my hair, stroking it and pulling a couple of rebellious curls away from my face.

“Elise. Princess.” It was all he said but he kept stroking.

The next step was apparently up to me. I put my fingers on his fly and pulled down the zipper. Popping the button, I gave the pants a tug, leaving him in his boxers. It looked silly below the suit jacket, but his hard erection, now only covered by a thin layer of silk, was all business, just like Daddy.

Grabbing the elastic, I pulled the underwear down. His member caught and then bobbed proudly. It was magnificent. A thick blue vein up the side pulsed and a clear drop had formed at the tip, running down the front of the head to hang from the crown. Craning my neck, I swiped the drop with my tongue. Salty.

He twitched. “Baby, I’m sure you’d like all day, but I’ve got a nine o’clock.”

I glanced at the clock on his desk. Eighteen minutes. Eager for my reward, I got to work.

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