brittanytakesonthebillionaires 200x300Finally a new release! Hard to get work done over the holidays, but I have for you a brand spanking new gangbang erotic story on Amazon, Amazon UK or your favorite Amazon storefront!

Eighteen-year-old rich girl Brittany bites over way more than she can chew when she encounters a whole group of incredibly wealthy men at the hotel bar. They invite themselves up to her room and after a wild elevator ride up to the penthouse suite, they take her in a no holes barred, totally unprotected gangbang, making her very first time one to remember.

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The elevator started up. It was one of those with glass walls, giving us a view of the huge multi-story foyer as we were lifted toward the penthouse. I was against the glass, with all of the guys between me and the door.

They watched me, their eyes hungry. I felt like a juicy mouse that had walked into a cat cafe. So exposed, and yet somehow that sent some serious chills down my back that did nothing to dampen the heat between my legs.

“On your knees, sugar.”

I stared at Michael like he was insane. We were in the fucking elevator. “What?”

“On your knees. It’s a long way to the top.” He unbuckled and pulled down his fly, then tugged out a thick red cock that looked hard enough to drive in a nail. “If you don’t make me come before we get there, we’re going to keep riding this elevator up and down until you do.”


Jesus H. Fucking Christ.

“Come on, time’s wasting.”

Someone’s hands, not his, pushed down on my shoulders, and instead of resisting, I sank to the plush carpet. Fancy hotels were easy on the knees. For the first time in my life, I was face to cock with a man. Thick and blood-engorged, it was a huge weapon aimed right at me.

I had no idea what to do.