takeitoutonme 200x300Victoria finds her stepfather Todd alone at home and furious. He’s not mad at her, but she’s had a crush on him for a long time, and rough stuff turns her on. Egging him on until he can’t control himself, she makes him take her roughly and unprotected, no matter how forbidden it is. If that’s your kind of thing, check out Take It Out On Me, FREE until November 9th! Pick it up on Amazon, Amazon UK or your local Amazon storefront!

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“Take it out on me. I dare you, unless you’re not man enough…”

I like’em good and angry. Really pissed off, when all inhibitions fall away. When I find my stepfather Todd all alone in our darkened house and seething with rage, I know it’s my chance to act on my forbidden crush and get the him all to myself. He’s not in the mood to play nice, but I don’t want nice. I want him exactly as he is, furious, frustrated and ready to take out all that sexy pent up anger on his eager little stepdaughter. Just the thought makes me shiver, and it isn’t from fear.

“You know what I want? I want you to take it out on me. Make a mess of your whore wife’s little girl. Fuck me like you hate me.” With each short sentence I stood taller, getting up on my toes to get in his face. Then I grinned and quickly moved for his neck and bit.

“Fuck!” He pushed me back, hard enough that I had to take a couple of steps.

We stood there, both of us breathing heavy, staring at each other, like a shootout in a western. His pants tented obscenely, though he didn’t seem to have noticed. He was turned on, and he was losing it. Perfect.

I grinned and squeezed my tits in my hands. “You want these? Come and get’em if you dare.”

“It’s your last warning, Victoria. You’re asking for this.” He took a menacing step forwards.

“Are you done warning me yet? Pussy.”

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” He rushed me, one hand going to my throat as he pushed me backwards into the wall, the other holding my shoulder in place.

Finally! A shiver ran down my spine, heading straight for my dripping pussy. “Ooo, tough guy. Gonna fuck your little slut? Think you can get it up?”

I didn’t expect his response. Still pinning me by my throat, he bent quickly and mashed his lips against mine. Oh shit. Forcing his way in, he kissed roughly and passionately, my head trapped between him and the wall.

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