Brand new gangbang release today! Serena Takes On Spring Break is now live in the Amazon store.

Serena’s in Cancun for the first time, celebrating spring break with her wild friend Katie. They run into a big group of athletic, volleyball-playing hot guys on the beach, and before they know it, they’re both getting screwed in all sorts of ways and positions until no man is left standing. It’s a hot gangbang, with cocks everywhere and two happy girls in the middle!

In addition, Chelsea Takes On The Cable Crew is in the store at no charge until March 14th!

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Serena Takes On Spring Break
Chelsea Takes On The Cable Crew

Serena Takes On Spring Break
I’m really not that kind of girl. At least that’s what I thought.

I’ve always been the shy one, the inexperienced and unkissed one. The one my wild roommate Katie expects to help her home after too much partying.

But this time it’s different. When the two of us encounter a whole group of guys on the beach, of course they’re all over Katie. But when one of them puts the moves on me, I decide that I’m tired of playing second fiddle to my friend. It doesn’t take long before I’m on my hands and knees in the sand, taking on all comers without a shred of protection, in any way they want, over and over again until none of them can get it up anymore. It’s wet, it’s messy and it’s my first time at spring break in Cancun!

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Don’t Tell A Soul!
“Three at once is hard enough, but all six?”

All my life I’ve been the good girl, the one that never got in trouble. Even this time, all I want is a little help… Actually, that’s a lie. Six gorgeous, hard-working men are right outside my house, and all I want is to invite them in, and I don’t mean through the front door. Dark, light and every delicious color in between, I want them all. Finally an adult, my first real experience with men is about to get started with a big sloppy bang.

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