For those of you who’ve been waiting for a new taboo release, no need to wait any longer! Seducing My Step is now live on Amazon! It’s not easy to have a crush on your step-daddy when he brushes off all your advances. Still, persistence pays off, and when she’s finally naked in his bed and his walls come down, there’s no way he’s pulling out!

Also, I’m really excited to announce that I have two stories in the brand new multi-author taboo bundle Don’t Tell A Soul! Join me and four other talented taboo authors through 10 short stories about naughty young women doing forbidden things with their favorite step-relatives for only 99 cents! My stories in there are previously released, but even if you’ve already read them, it’s a great deal!

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Seducing My StepSeducing My Step
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Seducing My Step
“I’m yours. Do what you want to me. Anything.”

I wanted Michael to be my first so badly. He was strong, super-hot, stern when he had to be, and well… he was my stepfather. Perfect for someone as inexperienced as me.

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get him admit he wanted me too, at least until I finally snuck into his bed, naked as the day I was born. I hadn’t expected him to take charge the way he did, but when his wall crumbled, he took me hard and without protection.

Maybe I’ll have a little surprise in nine months, but if not, we can always keep trying!

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Don’t Tell A Soul!
Five of your favorite taboo authors combine in one racy bundle of forbidden love that’s sure to leave you satisfied.

This scalding hot anthology contains 10 explicit tales of step love, by authors Tori Westwood, Cerise Lush, Nikki Rose, Destiny Knox and Q.R. Braddock, at an unbeatable price, but for a limited time only!

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