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“Will you be gentle?”

Police officer Eric Williams knows exactly how rough metal shows can get, especially downtown. There is no way he’s going to let an innocent young woman like his stepdaughter Cassandra go on her own, even if it means giving up his own evening to keep her safe and happy.

At first Cassie is worried that having her stepfather tagging along might kill her fun, but when things start to get out of control in the crowd, she’s grateful to have a big angry bodyguard close by. Very close. Being thrust together with passions running high ignites forbidden desires in both of them and leaves Cassie with some very improper ideas about how to thank her favorite cop.

My back arched as an orgasm washed over me, making me thrash against him. I was like putty in his hands as his talented tongue drove my climax, making it seem like it would never end. My toes curled and I beat the hood with my fists. “God, Daddy!”

He looked up, finally giving my soaking pussy a rest. His nose and lips glistened with my juices. “Did I do OK?” The cocky, lopsided grin told me he already knew the answer.

Raising myself up on my elbows, I rolled my eyes at him. Would sticking my tongue out be too childish? Whatever. “You can do that to me any time you want. Holy crap.” I shivered as another rush passed through me.

He stood, his fierce erection coming into view. It looked even bigger than before. Moving forward, he pressed it against my mound, the shaft just barely rubbing against my clit while the head stood proudly above. What he wanted was obvious.

I looked up at him, chewing my lower lip. “Will you be gentle?”

“Shit. Is this your first…” At my nod, he didn’t even finish his question. He hesitated briefly.

“Daddy, I’m sure.” And I was. Our relationship had changed completely in such a short time. What we were about to do was insane. Still, here I was, and he was right here with me, ready to make me a woman. I took a deep breath.

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