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I don’t know about you guys, but around here it’s been cold and rainy. May even get some snow soon. So, I’ve spent a lot of time inside to write, and there should be a bunch more stories coming in the near future. And here’s one of them right now! Kiss It Better is as taboo as it gets featuring 18-year-old Chloe and her stepfather who also happens to be the coach of her soccer team. An old footballer, he is.

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I hope you enjoy this one! And if you prefer reading about many guys on a pretty young girl, there’ll be some of that showing up soon.

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”Show me where it hurts.”

Can I tell you a secret? I have the biggest crush on my college soccer coach, Ian. He’s fit, smart, talented, gorgeous and… well, my stepfather. When a bad hit at a game sends me straight into his arms for a little tender loving care, I can’t resist the opportunity get a little extra touching in. Luckily, he doesn’t mind. In fact, he teaches me a whole new forbidden game that steams up the locker room and is best played bare. If I’d known my first time was going to be this much fun, I’d never have waited so long to play.

Swallowing hard, I moved as he directed. “Okay. Like this?”

“Perfect.” The bench creaked when he sat down. He tugged gently at my towel. “We’re going to have to move this if I’m to see.”

“Yeah…” Loosening and twisting the towel, I positioned it so that he could get at my side while I still held the front over my breasts. Pretty sure he could see the top of my ass, though.

His hands were always warm. He put one on either side, stroking slowly up from my waist. “Just comparing to see the sides are even.”

“Right.” Why were we even pretending still? Or maybe he wasn’t? I was something like ninety percent sure this would lead to more. But did I dare risk it wasn’t the last ten percent? Maybe he worried about that too.

His fingers almost touched the sides of my breasts, gently pushing and testing, but not moving any further. Why wasn’t he continuing? Was he scared? My breathing came shorter as my heart thundered in a wild gallop. I quivered under his touch like a spooked animal, my fight or flight instinct on an adrenaline high.

“You’ve become such a beautiful young woman, Chloe.” He sighed. “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Too late. “I want you to. Anything you want.” I paused for dramatic effect. “Daddy.” I let the towel drop to my lap.

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