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“To complete the initiation, you have to take on all of them.”

Almost there! Only one last challenge, and I’ll be done with pledge week and finally be a full-fledged sister in the Sigma Epsilon Xi sorority.

Blindfolded and put on a stage, my clothes are auctioned off one by one, and they don’t stop there. The initiation requires me to take on every single guy in the room, hard and without protection, even as inexperienced as I am. I can choose to leave anytime, but I soon realize I don’t want to.

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Melissa will do anything to become a member of the Sigma Epsilon Xi sorority and proves it by letting her clothes get auctioned off to a roomful of horny fraternity brothers, before letting them take her virginities one at a time. And then? She takes on every single one of them in a hot and heavy free-for-all gangbang.

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“You guys are incredible.” My voice quavered just a bit, but it was my moment. I don’t know when it changed, but I was the one in charge now. Their sex queen, the one to be worshipped. And God, did I want them. I drew a deep breath and let it out. “Take me.”

A brief moment of silence and then they cheered and stormed the stage. My eyes went wide at all those guys coming at me, many of them with their cocks out already, but I’d asked for it. Ordered it, even.

On the stage were several mattresses. They’d obviously done this before. I wondered briefly how many of the girls went through with the full initiation. Well, I suppose I knew, since I’d met all the sisters, but how many dropped out at this stage? Didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to. Tomorrow morning I’d be a full-fledged sister. Oh, and fucked silly.