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“So, what do you think? Maybe a little tight here? I think they must have grown recently.”

Shopping’s boring, right? Hah! Not the way I do it. For too long, I’ve had a massive crush on Jason, but I refuse to wait any longer. He’s just too handsome, too strong, too much man and he’s just the right guy for my first time. Also, he’s my stepdaddy, but I’m not letting that stop me. You might call my crush too forbidden, too taboo, but when I lure him into the dressing room at the lingerie store, you can be sure I won’t let him back out until he’s taken me, sweetly and without protection.

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Dawn’s got a plan for seducing her stepfather, and it’s going to happen in the dressing room at a lingerie store, where once committed, he can’t back out. It’s another hot taboo short story with the inevitable messy conclusion. ;)

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“You’re going to have to show me, Daddy, since I’ve never done this before.” I bit my lower lip and wrapped my fingers around his length. With a naughty smile, I guided it to my mouth.

“Oh fuck.” It came out like a moan, or a grunt. He threaded his fingers in my hair, the first aggressive action he’d made all day. “Fuck, this is so wrong.” His hands only pulled me further onto him, though.

I hadn’t really known what to expect, but he was delicious, just because it was him. There was a musk that was uniquely his. Everything about him set my hormones racing. He was so thick it was a strain to open up for him, but I wanted nothing more than to take as much of him as I could, to make him moan, to make him come for me.