piratequeenpenelopetakesontheroyalnavy 200x300It’s new story time, and it’s FREE until October 30th! It has piracy, sword fights and a whole lot of hot and steamy gangbang action. Read as young, sassy pirate queen Penelope bangs her way out of jail and a date with the gallows and meet the dashing navy captain who’ll become either her greatest foe or her new best mate. I had a ton of fun writing this one, and I hope you’ll enjoy this sexy, light-hearted romp in the 17th century Caribbean.

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“There’s still so much I want to do. See the Keys, visit England… be with a man.”

Of all the treasures I’ve coveted in my illustrious career, my virtue is the one I hold most dear. But the navy holds no love for pirates, and no treasure is worth my life. If I’m to be hanged in the morning, then this is no time for modesty, and my wit and nubile young body are the only weapons I have to use against my brutish captors and their dashing captain. Will it be enough? It has to be. But if it isn’t, at least I’ll spend my last hours learning pleasures of the flesh that would make even my hardened pirate crew blush like maidens.

With a deep sigh, I sagged, looking as defeated as I could. It didn’t take much acting, to be fair. “There was still so much I wanted to do. See the Keys. Visit England.” When I thought of my plan, my blush came naturally. “Be with a man.”

Quickly, I cut my eyes at them so see their reaction. The younger guard swallowed deeply and avoided my gaze. The older grinned.

“We can’t take you to the Keys or England, but…”

Hook, line and sinker. I put a hand to my chest as if I were shocked, but aimed to draw their gaze to the exposed flesh between my lapels. “Do you mean…” It almost hurt to make my eyes that big.

“Well, I’m a man, Garrett here’s a man, if barely. If that is really one of your desires…”

“Roland, I really don’t think…” Garrett was unsure.

“I know. It’s a good thing you have me, then, ain’t it?”

“But… the sergeant, he’d…”

“He’d join in, is what I think. So, pirate queen. What do you say?”

This was never how I’d pictured my first time, but with my life on the line, I didn’t have much choice. Another thing to thank God Father would never find out about. I made a show of looking around. “We’re very exposed here, aren’t we?”

“Afraid that’s how it’ll have to be. I can’t take you out of your cell. But we can come to you.”

“Roland!” Garrett’s whisper was barely contained. “She’s the pirate queen!”

“And we’re two grown men. Stop acting the child, Garrett.” He turned to me. “To the back of the cell. We’re coming in.”

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