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“You’re my first. For everything.”

Trapped! I love the tight pinch of the cuffs, the pull of restraint. It leaves me free to fantasize about all the naughty things I shouldn’t. Like Luke, my drop dead handsome stepfather. It’s all fun and games until the keys fall out of reach, leaving me naked and alone.

Until he comes home.

It’s humiliating, it’s awkward and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. Like always, he takes charge and makes sure I can’t play unless he’s home. For my own protection, of course. If it happens to leave my body completely at his mercy, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

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For those who like just a little extra kink with their stepdaddy/daughter erotica, here’s one with some handcuffs for just that little extra edge. Hope you like it!

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He put his hand on my ankle, the one part of the leg that wasn’t covered. “You know, I’ve been having thoughts. Terrible thoughts.” His hand slid upwards, slowly, over my calf, taking the silk sheet with it. It was warm, its texture rough and calloused.

“You have no idea how ashamed I was. What if you’d find out, I thought.” Almost at my knee, his hand left a burning trail along my skin. He grinned, looking embarrassed. “I have to admit I listened to you yesterday. It was too sexy not to.”

I knew it!

“But you feel it too, right? Tell me it’s not just me. If it is, I’ll stop now. I don’t want to hurt you, Princess.”

I swallowed. “It’s not just you.”

“Good.” Sliding slowly along the inside of my thigh, teasing the sensitive skin, he approached my center. “Because you drive me crazy. I think about you all the time, and with my new… duties, it’s only gotten worse.”

“Daddy.” I was ready to burst. “You can do anything you want. Anything. Please.”

“Oh I will,” he said with a rumbling chuckle.