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“Wait.” My protest was quiet and feeble, and Cole either didn’t hear or didn’t care, because as Brady gave me a little lift so my ass was in the air, he slid my dress over my thighs and then the rest of the way down, leaving me in just my underwear and heels. To his credit, he folded it carefully and laid it aside. At least I wouldn’t come out of this looking like I’d, well, been fucked.

Once the dress was off, it was all hands on deck, as if that was the signal they’d been waiting for. Fingers trailed over my thighs and arms, across my stomach and running through my hair. My french twist came loose immediately, and I hoped I’d be able to get it back up in some semblance of what it’d been by the time we were done.

Someone—not Brady since his hands were still cupping me—unlatched my bra, making it go slack. It was pulled off almost immediately, and I was held in the warmth of flesh against flesh. I moaned, losing myself deeper and deeper into the sensations of being touched everywhere.

Lips replaced fingers, or joined them as they kissed me all over. Brady let go, and two mouths quickly took the place of his fingers on my nipples. Getting both sucked at once had me throwing my head back onto Brady’s shoulder and hissing.

Eager hands pulled my legs apart and then someone kissed my pussy, right through my wet panties. Oh God. No one had ever done that before, and it felt amazing, tickling nerves I didn’t know I had.

I was floating in a sea of hands and mouths. I shut my eyes and just felt, trying to follow all the different sensations hitting me all at once. I’d never even imagined what it could feel like with more than one guy, but now I had eight. What would I do with them all? What would they do with me?