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Whether slipping into her stepfather’s bed or seducing her stepfather deep in the woods where no one can see them, these naughty stepdaughters are only to happy to take on their sexy stepdaddies with no regard to the consequences.

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In Bed With My StepIn Bed With My Step
Camping With The BratCamping With The Brat

In Bed With My Step(father)
“Should I suck on it?”

My stepfather loves scary movies, but not as much as I love him. The movies, though? They freak me the hell out, so much that I can’t sleep. His bedroom’s just down the hall, so when I think he’s asleep, I sneak in. I only meant for a cuddle, but he gives me so much more, taking me sweetly and without any protection, making my first time truly special! It’s so taboo, it’s so forbidden, but it feels so right.

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Camping With The Brat
So forbidden, and yet I can’t help myself.

I love camping! Even more, I love camping with Kenneth. He’s fit, handsome… and my stepfather. It’s so wrong, but I can’t help crushing on him, and this is my chance. With just the two of us sharing a small tent and one sleeping bag the whole weekend, I’ll never get a better opportunity to seduce him and let him be my first, sweetly and without protection.

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