Today, it’s a double feature! My new release Jessica Takes On The Groomsmen is a gangbang with a wedding theme, featuring the naughtiest bride around and five hunky, ex-military groomsmen. In addition, my book Fiona Takes On The Firefighters is completely FREE until December 7th. Download your copy now!

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jessicatakesonthegroomsmen 200x300“Look at her, on her knees, ready to take us all on.

”I’m getting married! Only hours left, and suddenly the hunky groomsmen want to take me for a ride. Strong, handsome and ex-military, they have their own idea of how to initiate the future wife of their old squad-mate. Taking me hard and unprotected, they show me that when you marry a soldier, you marry his whole squad. Getting hitched never felt so good!

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fionatakesonthefirefighters 200x300“Have you ever had a fireman before? How about a whole brigade?”

Hunky, broad-shouldered, tight-ended firemen everywhere! Just one stupid little mistake and suddenly I have the whole department at my door, here to save me from a bag of burnt popcorn. It’s not a real fire, but it’s only right that I thank each and every one of them for going through the trouble. While it would be my first time, they deserve only the best for their fast response. I give them everything they want, hard and without protection.

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