I have a new steamy taboo story for you today, hot off the presses and available now at Amazon, called Kissed By My Step.

Angie’s stepbrother’s a jerk, a womanizer and hotter than the Sahara at noon. She refuses to think that way about her stepbrother, but when he finds an excuse to kiss her, she can’t help herself. One thing leads to another until they’re barreling straight towards the inevitable messy conclusion. ;)

In addition, The Cop’s Naughty Brat, a stepdaddy/daughter cop story, is in the store at no charge until March 30th.

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Kissed By My Step
The Cop’s Naughty Brat

We shouldn’t do this! What if someone finds out?
It was only a kiss. Never mind that it made me lose me breath. Made my heart race. Made me wet. It doesn’t matter how good it feels when the person kissing you is… well, let’s just say he’s the guy I grew up with, whose room is right across the hall from mine. I’d hate to imagine what you’d think of me if you knew who he really was.

I know it’s taboo, that it’s forbidden, but I let him in anyway, and this time I won’t stop him. I’ll let him be my first. I’ll let him go in bare. And when he fills me, if something comes of it, I know it’ll be his.

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“Evening, Janey. License and registration, please.”
Having a policeman as your stepfather is usually an easy way out of tickets, but not when he’s the one pulling you over. Not satisfied with a mere slap on the wrist, he intends to give Janey a punishment to remember. An inexperienced brat behind the wheel, a stern older cop with a lesson to give and a dark, deserted road make the perfect recipe for some bareback taboo roadside discipline.

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