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For those who prefer your naughty tales on the forbidden end of things, here is a new release about young Melody who likes to go skinny dipping in the middle of the night while her stepdaddy Aiden is sleeping. Or is he?

This story is available for free until September 15th!

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When it gets hot, the only thing to do is to get wet.

My stepfather Aiden wouldn’t approve of my skinny dipping in the middle of the night, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. How could I have known that the sweltering summer heat would bring him out too? A midnight swim seems the perfect way to cool us both down, until a not so innocent dare turns the night hotter than ever.

It was as if I had a whole colony of butterflies flitting around in my stomach as I climbed the ladder. The walk to the diving board almost ended in an all out bolt for the patio door to hide inside. I paused with my back still to him at the diving board. OK, you can do this.

Putting one arm over my breasts and one hand over my sex, I turned and walked out onto the the springy platform, trembling all over.

Dad hung on the opposite end, a dark shadow with his arms hooked on the pool edge. I could feel his eyes locked on me. Why was I even doing this? Wasn’t it wrong? I wanted so badly for him to see me, and I didn’t even really understand why. But my body knew. My pebbled nipples were hard as rocks and my pussy dripping wet.

I drew a deep breath and lowered my arms. Even across the length of the pool I heard his sharp intake of air. Silently, I counted three seconds, then bent my knees and pushed down, letting the board’s spring launch me up before I aimed for the water’s surface, my hands extended above my head in a dive.

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