thecopsnaughtybrat 150x225

“Evening, Janey. License and registration, please.”

Having a policeman be your stepfather is usually an easy way out of tickets, but not when he’s the one pulling you over. Not satisfied with a mere slap on the wrist, he intends to give Janey a punishment to remember. An inexperienced brat behind the wheel, a stern older cop with a lesson to give and a dark, deserted road make the perfect recipe for some bareback taboo roadside fun.


“Holy shit, that’s one hell of a blowjob, baby girl. I knew you had it in you.” He pulled out, leaving me gasping for breath. “But that’s not what I want. Not right now, anyway.”

Oh God. Here it comes.

Grabbing me by the shoulders, he raised me to my feet, then pushed me back onto the hood. The cuffs bit into my wrists under me, but I managed to shift my arms a bit to the side so it wasn’t so bad. Meanwhile, he got busy working my panties down.

I was probably supposed to resist, but I wanted it as much as he did. Until tonight, it never would have occurred to me, but now I couldn’t see it any other way. If I really freaked out and tried to get away, he’d let me go. I was sure of it, but we were both too caught up in the moment to stop.

So when my panties dropped to the ground, I spread my legs, inviting him in. He was between them in an instant, resting his cock on my mound. That close, it looked impossible that it would ever fit in me.

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